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  • Extend power source within your reach, no more crawling under desk to find power strip on floor.
  • 2 X AC power outlets & 2 X USB ports & 6 ft Power Cord & Current:10A Voltage:125V Rated Power:1000W
  • It's easy way to clear up your desk, and get all these cables in line.
  • You need to make a 3 1/8 (80mm) round hole on the table surface or you can use the existing cable hole on your desk. After that you just need to insert the power grommet through the hole and put back the ring underneath the table, so it can fixate you grommet.
  • This type of outlet is perfect for your conference room, office & home desk and for public charging at hotels, showrooms & etc. It's designed to replace you standard desk grommet, but you can also both installed on your desk.

Desktop Power Grommet Hub 2 Power Socket & Dual USB Ports for Office Desk Gromme

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